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“It is in deep stillness that realizations become possible.”

In our fast paced way of living we are always busy, always running, always trying to catch up. Out of my own experience in the corporate world I know that sometimes when things get hectic the one thing that would help us get through the stressful time and give us more energy and inner peace is the very first thing we drop…

In my own practice of more than 10 years of meditation I have come to appreciate the moments of silence and awareness that meditation brings. I strongly believe that it is in these moments of spaciousness and calmness that expansion of consciousness is possible and insights and realizations just come. When it’s quiet and still inside we are rewarded with clarity and can hear the whispers of the Soul.

One of the meditations I guide and practice regularly is the Meditation on Loving Kindness also known as the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It is a very gentle yet very powerful guided practice that helps to break down and release stress energy allowing more positive energy to flow into your system. This allows you to experience more calmness, inner peace and illumination or expansion of consciousness. It also helps you to develop your loving kindness compassion.

I would be honored to introduce you to meditation and saying:

YES to meditating sitting on a chair in your regular clothes and focusing your attention on kindness, compassion, joy, patience and forgiveness for about 20-30 min.

NO to sitting on the floor in challenging yoga postures or needing years of meditation experience to be able to join.

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