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Life Coaching

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Do I really need a Life Coach?

That might be your first question. And my honest answer is: It is not for everyone! … but it might be for you.

You feel stuck, unhappy, numb or like you’re drifting through life without real purpose and direction. And somehow you’ve just lost that sparkle in your eyes.

You wake up one day and realize that you are living a life you don’t really want, even though you (and everybody else around you) thought you did. Now you realize that this is not making you happy.

You know that you need to change somehow, something but you don’t know how or even where to start.

What is Coaching?

We, as a civilization, are undergoing an incredible transformation in the way we work, we live our lives, even in the way we love and connect with each other. Our lives have become more complex, more interconnected and in many ways more challenging. We also have the luxury of not only wanting a good life but a purposeful life.

A Life Coach is someone who comes into your life, with the desire to understand your relationships, health, parenting, business and any other area in your life, connect on an intimate level and have that impact as an agent for change and transformation in your life.

I will not give you “advice” or tell you what to do. I will help you find the answers within yourself. Ignite that spark of passion and purpose in you again. Empower you to be courageous and live from your heart. And encourage you to take those small and big steps.  I will challenge you to look at yourself differently. And take responsibility for the life you have created so far. I am here to offer a different perspective. And hold that sacred and safe space for to be vulnerable, honest and brave.

Do you think this is for you? Then let’s have a chat. Book a free 30 min Ignition Session with me here.

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Offers and Pricing

What's my style as a Life Coach?

  • Curiosity: I am curious about people and my client’s view of the world. I have learned that we all see the world differently based on our experiences. Because of that I don’t judge.
  • Empathy: For me coaching is about helping  you to achieve your full potential and create a more purposeful fulfilled life. Whatever that means for you.
  • Intuition: I allow my intuition to guide me and to find the solutions that resonates with you. Each situation and person is unique – so is the solution.
  • Humility: I don’t know the answer to all the questions. However, I have walked the path and experienced struggles as well as victory. My life experiences have brought me humility and wisdom that I like to share with you.
  • Continuous Growth: I keep investing time and energy into my own growth – expanding my horizon, growing beyond my comfort zone and expanding my circle.

How did I become a Life Coach?

I have always been passionate about facilitating change. In my work as a Leadership Development Consultant in various global financial services firms I was able to guide and support managers through major organizational and professional transitions. I then became a Prosci Certified Change Manager focusing on the human side of change as the organization kept changing and adapting to the ever changing conditions of doing business. Working with individuals I soon realized that I was passionate and excited about helping them to find purpose and satisfaction in what they do.

When I left my corporate job after 14 years I knew I wanted to continue to coach and include a more spiritual and holistic view on life, purpose and lessons into my coaching. Today, the methodology I practiced as a Certified Change Manager as well the experiences of healing and growing I gathered in my work as a Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Pranic Healing Instructor make up my own unique coaching style. At the end it’s all about helping you live a purposeful, soul-guided, heart-inspired life.

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Testimonials for my Coaching

“I find the effect of Daniella’s coaching sessions very subtle yet very deep. She does not impose anything and with her gentle questions, I come to a new understanding. I feel that she helps me access parts of myself that were buried after trauma, pain and see through my coping mechanisms, negative patterns and behaviors. It is as if a veil is lifted, and I can see more clearly.  It helps me break free of habits that were weighing me down and stopping me from being happy. Now I feel safe to be myself and respect my visions and dreams.” MC, Netherlands

Offers and Prices

  • Individual Coaching Sessions:  180 Euros per session
  • Intensive Personalized 8-Week Coaching Program: 1500 Euros
    This is an intense coaching that is customized to your individual needs and unique life situation. The positive impact of this program creates deep,  profound and long lasting expansions. The energetic shifts that happen are truly transformative and life changing.

Please note that all sessions are life virtul sessions.

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