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Creating a life with passion that reflects...

Do you know where you are going?

... who you truly are!

“I feel stuck.”
“I am lost and confused”.
“I keep procrastinating and putting things off”
“I feel frustrated, depressed and tired.”
“I lack motivation and drive. And that’s not really me.”
“I have no real purpose or direction in life and it is passing me by.”
“I can’t remember the last time I felt really fulfilled and excited about something.”
“I know I need to change something, somehow but I don’t even know where to start.”
“I feel unhappy in my body.”
“I feel unfulfilled in my job and my career.”
“I am so stressed I am snapping at my partner/children/family members/coworkers etc. even though I know it’s not their fault.”
“I am missing passion, closeness and true intimacy with my partner.”
“I just want to make sense of everything that has happened to me in my life.”

These are some of the most common frustrations my clients struggle with when they reach out to me for help. And I used to share many of the same questions. Through coaching I have truly and deeply transformed and healed my life and found a new sense of fulfillment, joy and aliveness.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is soulful work that is deeply empowering and activating. It helps you to find your sense of purpose, connect to your dreams and discover your own vision for your life. Then, you take action each day, each week to create the life you want.

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Just imagine

… you are buzzing with excitement and joy because you are truly aligned with your strengths, gifts and talents
… you have new insights and appreciation of who you really are
… you feel a new sense of direction and purpose in your life
… your relationship dynamics have changed and you experience more closeness and intimacy with the important people in your life
… you have tapped into your greatest resources and deepest desires and feel empowered to take action and achieve your goals
… you look radiant, happy and vibrant and the people around you start to notice
… you have made peace with your past and are present in the moment feeling more alive and awake

Self Mastery leads to Soul Mastery.

While many seek out the help of a coach because of a struggle, emotional, physical or psychological pain, after a difficult experience of loss or separation,  you don’t need to have a problem to get help from a coach.

Just as a sports coach a life coach helps to reach goals and achieve better results I am focused on your inner goals  he goal and how they translate into actions in the outer world.

What do you want more of? It is to connect you to your resources, awaken your inner wisdom and guidance and help you to move beyond your limiting beliefs and patterns. With a deeper understanding of triggers and an increased awareness of how you co-create your experience it is possible to change your inner consciousness and your outer experiences.

I will recommend actions and homework that are simple yet powerful because they increase your ability to live a more fulfilling life – while always respecting your timing, relationships, style and dreams. This is also reflected in the packages I offer (see below).

Are you ready to take off?

The Process of Life Coaching

You have decided to embark on this journey with me. Let’s see what happens next.

  • Evaluation session: for this initial session we will block a 2 hour time slot. The purpose is for me to understand where you are at in your life. Learn more about your goals, dreams and desires. We will prioritize and explore which area of your life to focus on that will have the biggest impact. We will create a vision and set an intention for the transformation you would like to manifest throughout the coaching.
  • This will give us a roadmap for our weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. Most of the time we will focus on the actions and goals we have defined. However , this is not a rigid plan and as life happens we will focus on the things that are important to you.
    Each coaching session will start with a heart-centering, soul connecting practice that I will guide you through. I also use easy breathing techniques to bring you into the present moment. Then we will focus on the topic for the session. The goal is always increased awareness, seeing behind your patterns and triggers, visualizing a different scenario and behavior and once that resonates with you we will anchor this new way of being.
  • Based on your time and resources, we will define homework assignments and actions to be taken in between sessions.
  • Depending on your goals we will take a moment every now and then to review where you are.
  • Integration Session: We will always end the program with a session to integrate, honor and celebrate all the small and big changes that you have brought into your life. It is also a time to review and decide if and how we continue to work together (please see the Membership Program for more information).
 As part of the coaching I will often recommend guided meditations for grounding, heart-centering and soul-connecting that are part of the program. I also use creativity as a tool for integration.

It is important to set goals.
But even more important is who you become in the process of achieving them.

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Offers and Prices

Having one coaching session is like going to the gym once. Or not eating chocolate for one day. It’s not that efficient. It makes sense to keep at it for a while to see the benefits.

Based on my experience I  have created different packages based on a 12 week coaching program to create changes, anchor them into your consciousness and integrate new rituals and habits into your daily life that are sustainable and fulfilling.

  • Silver package: 1 coaching session of 60 min every two weeks for 12 weeks.
    This package is ideal for you if you prefer slow and steady changes and adjustments. You know you need time to digest and internalize changes. Or you only have a limited amount of time and resources to dedicate to coaching.
    After that you have the option to move into the Membership Program
    Price: 570 Euro
  • Gold package: 1 coaching session of 60 min every week for 12 weeks .
    This package offers a bit more intensity and consistency. We can move through your challenges faster and implement goals and changes.
    After that you have the option to move into the Membership Program.
    Price: 1140 Euros
  • Diamond package: 1-2 coaching session of 60 min each week, in between check-ins and maximum flexibility to implement different approaches (ie daily tune ups) for 12 weeks.
    This is a wonderful option if you would like to implement big changes in a short period of time. You are so ready to have a new and different experience and you have the time and the resources and you just want to go for it!
    Price: 1710 Euros
  • Platinum package: 1 VIP Day to start off the coaching 1:1 in Mallorca, 12 weeks maximum impact coaching with the diamond package, 1 Integration Day at the end of the 12 weeks 1:1 in Mallorca.
    This is the ultimate luxurious experience that you can gift yourself. We will start off your coaching journey with a VIP day here in my home island of Mallorca. Apart from digging deep into your goals and desires and what you want to have more of in your life, we will spend some time focusing on self-care, wellbeing, nutrition and pampering you so you feel super motivated, energized and super super ready to take on this adventure!
    Price: 2520 Euros (includes accommodation for 1 night each, welcome dinner and lunch, flights need to be arranged separately).
There are payment plans available for all packages.

Please note that all sessions are live virtual sessions.


The Membership Program

Once you have completed the initial 12 week program I invite you to join the Membership Program. We continue to work with each other in weekly or bi-weekly sessions. The frequency depends on you and can be changed with one week notice for the next month.


  • Weekly sessions: 1 coaching session of 60 min for 95 Euros per session (about 380 Euros per month)
  • Bi-weekly sessions: 1 coaching session of 60 min for 95 Euros per session (about 190 Euros per month)


The Membership program includes access to weekly guided meditations, quality of time readings an special invitation to exclusive events online and in person.


When you decide to stop the program or take a break you can end it with one week notice at the end of each month. An Integration Session will conclude our journey together. This is very important and will provide closure for both of us.

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What's my style as a Life Coach?

Coaching as a co-creative process. You are the creator of your life. As a coach it is my role to help you connect to and activate your dreams. I am a reminder and a guide in the creation of your goals and desires. It is not about me telling you what to do. You are the expert on yourself. So you know best.

  • Curiosity: I am curious about people and my client’s view of the world. I have learned that we all see the world differently based on our experiences. Because of that I don’t judge.
  • Empathy: For me coaching is about helping  you to achieve your full potential and create a more purposeful fulfilled life. Whatever that means for you.
  • Intuition: I allow my intuition to guide me and to find the solutions that resonates with you. Each situation and person is unique – so is the solution.
  • Humility: I don’t know the answer to all the questions. However, I have walked the path and experienced struggles as well as victory. My life experiences have brought me humility and wisdom that I like to share with you.
  • Continuous Growth: I keep investing time and energy into my own growth – expanding my horizon, growing beyond my comfort zone and expanding my circle.

Testimonials for my Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  1. What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?
    A therapist helps people to serious limitations , deep emotional pain and trauma or family issues.
    As a coach I am counting on people being resourceful, mentally stable and ready to work with me to change and improve their lives.
    A therapist is often seen as an expert in relation to a patient. As a coach I am co-creator and partner equal to my clients, positioned to listen to you, help you to think about your situation differently, take new actions and get a brand new result!
  2. If I feel like I have a serious problem, should I get diagnose?
    While I have a certification and some experience in therapeutic work I am not a mental health professional. I do not diagnose and I do not treat people in that sense. It is your choice whether you decide to get diagnosed. It can be helpful to know what your limitations are. And it can also help in deciding whether I am the right person to help you. Whenever I feel you need a different support I will be happy to refer you to a colleague. 
  3. How do I know when I am finished with the coaching?
    As coaching is about growing and changing and adapting it might feel like you are never really “done” with it. However, there comes a point when you have mastered a challenge and it feels right to take a break or end the coaching relationship.
    There are natural checkpoints that will allow us to review how the coaching is going, for example at the end of the 12 week program. Once you have moved into the Membership Program I usually make sure we have a review every 3 months. As written in the description, you can cancel the membership with a week notice at the end of each month. A final Integration Session will conclude the coaching relationship.

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