Change the Story you tell yourself

Evaluate your life

No matter where you are in your life there are always areas to improve. Where are you currently thriving in life and where could you use some work? Think about your health, your finances, your relationships. Are you energetic and full of vitality but struggling to make relationships work? Are you on track in your career but your health is suffering? Do you feel stuck in your job even though it’s what you thought you wanted? Are you busy checking all the boxes of what you “ought” to achieve but deep inside feel empty and unfulfilled?


Achieve true Balance

Change starts to happen when you take an honest look at where you are in life. Seeing things as they are – not better but also not worse. When you take a step back and honor what you have accomplished so far and the live you have lived, you can also start to consider which are of your life needs some attention to create true balance. By getting this bird’s eye view of your life, you can identify where
you are excelling and where there is room for improvement – to discover where the gaps are between where you are today and where you want to be.

shape your fate

Too many people are caught in living life by default instead of designing their life.To be able to find your passion, purpose and power  you must first create your map of where you are today. I believe in your inner wisdom and in life that leaves you clue about what it wants to be. All we need to do is remove the conditioning and limiting beliefs and listen – truly listen. So that something beautiful can come out of it.

What area do you need help with most?


I need help with my business


I need help with my personal life


i need help with my health & Energy

It all starts with one conversation…

“It is important to set goals. But even more important is who you become in the process of achieving them.” – Tony Robbins

Change happens in an instance. This moment of insight and awareness illuminates your consciousness you see clearly. And from that state your whole world starts to change. Change happens in an instance.

I guide and coach you to make your stories and limiting beliefs conscious and create insights and breakthroughs that alter and elevate your belief systems and emotional patterns. Once you snap out of your emotional trance and become aware of your past conditioning you are empowered to

  • Express, meet and elevate your needs
  • Connect to your resources, awaken your inner wisdom and move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Gain a deeper understanding of triggers and an increased awareness of how you co-create your experience it is possible to change your inner consciousness and your outer experiences
  • Create the change you want to make in a sustainable and integrated way
  • Find your way of growing and contributing to positively influence the people around you

Something very special happened when started to talk about my experiences with Daniella. By just listening and being present I was able to gain insights and deeper understanding of what was driving me that I would not have come to on my own. Her presence is very powerful and transformative.

Elisabeth M Architect

Daniella takes things seemingly imperceptible and helps break them down to an understandable level. Her open-mindedness and kind heart heart allow you to get in contact with your vulnerable side and work through your tougher challenges. So blessed my soul had the chance to connect with hers.

Audrey B Pediatrician

Each time I come out of a coaching sessions with Daniella I feeling amazing. I'm full of energy and her insights are very on point. I have more more clarity and calmness. I am making decisions from a very centered and grounded state. All sessions have felt positive, relaxing and gave me some very practical exercises to implement immediately. I feel like I have completely turned around my life.

Alex T Senior Financial Analyst

why is now the greatest time to start with coaching?

I feel lost, stuck and confused

A coach can help you see things clearly and start to take small steps that eventually lead to big and small breakthroughs. Progress is happiness. And I'll hold you accountable and focused on your goals. And help you move through your blockages, tendencies of procrastination and fears when they show up.

I can talk to a friend. Why do I need a coach?

Having good friends around you is essential and sitting down with them with a cup of tea and having a long chat can be very healing. However, talking to a friend is not the same as talking to a coach. Friends are part of your "system", your story. As such they might share some of your limiting beliefs or they reinforce your past experiences. As a coach I have a completely fresh and outside view of what is going on in your life. I ask different questions and guide you to new insights. I also teach you how to shift your focus and create a beautiful state instead of commiserating. I also hold a sacred space for you to succeed and make your life the wonderful masterpiece it is meant to be.

20+ years of experience

With over 20 years of experience in Personal Development, Transformational Leadership, Change Management and Coaching I bring a unique mix of experiences and skills to the table. Having started out in the Corporate World I felt the calling to forge my own path and wander off into the wilderness and return to share my gifts and support others on their journey.

You don't have to do this alone

it might fear or admitting how much you are struggling. It might be your conditioning and belief that you should be able to figure this out alone. Or might just be that until now you had the energy to keep going. And now you're just tired. The truth is: YOU DON"T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE. Every great athlete, every successful entrepreneur and happy person works with a coach to get outstanding results. To get the results you want you need someone who pushes you past your limits, holds you accountable and sometimes - lovingly - calls you out on your own BS. Create an outstanding life now.


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