Full Moon and New Moon Meditations

Spiritual teachings tell us that the time of the full moon (and the new moon) is either a time of crisis or a time of opportunity – depending on your intention and consciousness.
It is actually not the moon that has such an impact on the earth but the sun and the relative position of the earth to the sun during the time of the full moon or new moon. From your own experience I am sure that you noticed how things get stirred up by the powerful energies. During these time we harness the energies by meditating, purifying and blessing your own projects, your life and also the earth and all her beings.

This event is open to all. Even if it’s your first time meditating join us in a beautiful quiet garden and take home a bit of the peace and light of the special moons.

The next dates are:

New Moon: May 15, 2018 – Meditation in Binissalem (please email me for details)
Full Moon in Gemini (The World Invocation Day): Celebrated on May 30 with Meditation in Binissalem (please email me for details)

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