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Introduction to Essential Oils for Natural Health & Immunity

Curious about how Essential Oils can fit into your life?

Join me for a fun morning at my signature Essential Oil workshop and learn how to use doTerra’s pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils for your health, home, and beauty.

Get inspired by Essential Oils – the Medicine of the Earth – and how they can support you with your wellbeing and LOW TOXICITY LIVING. Read more…

Live Empowered - An Introduction to Pranic Healing

What if there was an easy way to maintain and restore your health? Or soothe pain from injury or ailment? What if you could use the abundant life force around you to accelerate your body’s gift of self healing?

… you can!

Pranic Healing is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the world and is used to improve your health and wellbeing. Read more…

Let's talk about Menopause

There aren’t many taboos left in our modern society today. Menopause is one of them.
Literally half of the population will experience it. every woman you see in the streets will be – is – or has gone through menopause. And yet, we don’t talk about it. Or if we do, it’s reduced to hot flashes, crankiness and how we can “manage” it with Hormone Replacement Therapy. There is so much more to this last female rite of passage. Like any other taboo the silence creates shame, isolation and the feeling that we are alone in our experience, The antidote is communication, sharing and empathy. Read more…



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Now is the time to grow, expand and transform to master the demands of the current time


Pranic Healing Level 1 Certification Workshop

Do you feel that there is more to reality than just what we see? Do you want to learn how to use energy to improve your health and wellbeing and be able to be of service to your loved ones as well?
Give a boost to your health and immunity, energize your life and take control of your energy by learning and experiencing the beautiful power of Pranic Healing.

During this empowering 2-day workshop you will gain greater understanding and clarity of your own personal energy system and the immense healing power that lies within you. Read more…

If you want to get results - get a coach. Get the customized experience and personal attention YOU deserve.


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