Change Integration Circle

Back to "real" life...

Do you know this moment?

You are coming back from a life changing experience. You went on a retreat or a workshop, you spent time alone in the desert on a Wilderness Quest or you spent months walking the Pacific Crest Trail…

And you had some wonderful insights & intense experiences. You have conquered some of your fears and you are ready to lead a different life. And then…

… you come back to your previous life and puff – your energy and your enthusiasm is gone and you’ve lost momentum. You feel down and lost.

I call it ARD – After Retreat Depression…

Now imagine you are being held and supported after the event and empowered to carry all the gifts you received back into your “real” life and ease the transition.


The truth is - your environment will resist your change!

It is a curious thing but your environment, the system you go back into will not embrace this New You with open arms.

You might experience ridicule, disinterest or suspicion. You might hear things like: “yeah, give her a week…”

Even if they don’t like the way you are, they understand it and they are used to it. If you change, the people around you might feel lost, scared or annoyed because it threatens and endangers their lifestyle. If you have ever tried to quite smoking or stop drinking among a circle of friends who didn’t you might know what I am talking about.

That’s why I have created…

... The Change Integration Circle

You will get:

  • Weekly themed group coaching calls to connect with the other members of the circle who have shared the same experience
  • Two 1:1 private coaching sessions with me to focus on the challenges that are most important to you
  • Access to a private FB group and a growing community of Pranic Healers who go on to change the world
  • An accountability workbook to keep you on track

All of it based on the Robbins Madanes Coaching techniques and Pranic Healing principles given by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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