Find your Joy.

These are some of the most common frustrations my clients struggle with when they reach out to me for help. And I used to share many of the same questions.

Now just imagine...

  • you are buzzing with excitement and joy because you are aligned with your strengths, gifts and talents
  • you know what is most important to you and what you need on a deepest human level
  • you have tapped into your greatest resources and you are creating a life that is authentic and in line with your values
  • your relationship dynamics have changed and you experience more closeness and intimacy with the important people in your life
  • you feel empowered to take action and enjoy breakthrough performance
  • you have made peace with your past and are present in the moment feeling more alive and awake
  • in your business you easily resolve individual, organizational and cultural paradoxes that otherwise would lead to internal conflicts and blocked initiatives

“It is important to set goals. But even more important is who you become in the process of achieving them.” – Tony Robbins

The road that leads to this moment of insight and awareness might be long but once this AHA moment illuminates our consciousness we see clearly. And from that state our whole world starts to change.

My goal as a coach is to make these stories conscious and create insights and breakthroughs that alter and elevate your belief systems and emotional patterns. Once you snap out of your emotional trance and become aware of your past conditioning you are empowered to

  • Express, meet and elevate your needs
  • Connect to your resources, awaken your inner wisdom and move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Gain a deeper understanding of triggers and an increased awareness of how you co-create your experience it is possible to change your inner consciousness and your outer experiences
  • Create the change you want to make in a sustainable and integrated way
  • Find your way of growing and contributing to positively influence the people around you

Let's have that one conversation that could change your life.

Shape Your Fate

6 Week Transformational Coaching
  • 1:1 Personalized Coaching Sessions each week
  • 2 Energy Cleansing Sessions throughout the program
  • Initial Assessment Accountability Workbook
  • Exclusive Access to Meditation and Power-Thought Videos
  • Maximum Flexibility and Energetic Support
Most Popular

The Health Academy

This exclusive 6 month coaching program is designed to bring together all aspects of health:

  • Physical optimum health and wellbeing
  • Emotional equlibirium
  • Mental and psychological balance
  • Spiritual sanity

The Health Academy will open it’s doors in April. Right on time for a spring clean for your body, mind, soul and spirit. And while this is an individual coaching you will be supported by a group of people on the same journey to share your experiences and inspire each other.

VIP Experience

The most important person in your life is you. And it all starts and ends with you.

This is an exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity and experience. It is not only about you treating yourself and allowing yourself to be pampered and taken care of, as you deserve it. It is also your moment to step into your power, align yourself with your soul’s purpose and start to live from your own truth.

You will be introduced to blockages known and unknown and I will create a unique experience just for you using all the tools I have picked up on my own journey so far to create a day that is custom made for your needs to re-balance and realign you on a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and metabolic level.

You will go back to your daily life aligned to your beautiful soul that is FREE, ABUNDANT and FULFILLED.

Daniella Schoch-©Paige McFall-43

What's my style as a Coach?

Coaching as a co-creative process. You are the creator of your life. As a coach it is my role to help you connect to and activate your dreams. I am a reminder and a guide in the creation of your goals and desires. It is not about me telling you what to do. You are the expert on yourself. So you know best.

  • Curiosity: I am curious about people and my client’s view of the world. I have learned that we all see the world differently based on our experiences. Because of that I don’t judge.
  • Empathy: For me coaching is about helping  you to achieve your full potential and create a more purposeful fulfilled life. Whatever that means for you.
  • Intuition: I allow my intuition to guide me and to find the solutions that resonates with you. Each situation and person is unique – so is the solution.
  • Humility: I don’t know the answer to all the questions. However, I have walked the path and experienced struggles as well as victory. My life experiences have brought me humility and wisdom that I like to share with you.
  • Continuous Growth: I keep investing time and energy into my own growth – expanding my horizon, growing beyond my comfort zone and expanding my circle.

Testimonials for my Coaching

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