Change Facilitation & Coaching

Do you want to Grow, expand and contribute on a wider scale?

You deserve all of your accomplishments – and so much more! You achieved incredible things:

  • Raising children
  • Contributing at work
  • Starting a business from scratch

You have given so much to other people – often at your own expense.

You are developed,  conscious and have done a lot of work on yourself – coaching, mentoring, therapy.

Yet, despite all of this, you struggle:

  • You feel lonely
  • You feel isolated
  • You feel powerless and depressed
  • You feel unable to manifest your deepest desires.

Not because you are a bad person, or don’t know how to wing it and hustle. Or because you are not good enough. But because you are playing the power game in a way that’s not truly aligned to who you are and the way you want to achieve. You are awakening to a new power of self-actualizing that calls you to step into the potential of a larger life that contributes not only to your own success but the wellbeing of your community and humanity as a whole.

You are reaching higher.

Are you busy checking all the boxes of what you "ought" to do to achieve but deep inside feel empty and unfulfilled?

f you’re struggling with finances, it’s not because you can’t just get a job to survive and pay your bills.

You’re struggling because you’re trying to figure out how to make a living in a way that you can fully be yourself.

If you’re struggling in your relationships, it’s not because you can’t just find someone to procreate with.

It’s because you want to step into a much higher possibility for intimacy, for love, connection, and partnership.

If you’re struggling with health challenges, or self-care, paradoxically, it may be because your circle of care has expanded beyond yourself, your family, friend and your community.

You’re aware of the needs of all.

You’re here to create something bigger – you want to carve out your own life pathso you can be a role model for others.

You are reaching higher.

unlock the power to become you!

It’s my life’s work to support you in reaching higher.

  • In your job
  • In your career
  • As an entrepreneur
  • A parent
  • A partner
  • With your health

I will guide you as you connect to your deepest desire and explore the higher possibility of what your life can be.


Together, we will find your voice, your confidence will soar, and you will connect to your inner wisdom, unlocking your purpose and your power so that you can design a life that fulfills and excites you.

During the time of the coaching I am creating an energetic container just for you – to hold the energy and create a safe space for your growth and transformation.

As I am only working with a limited number of people at the time I am committed to finding the format that supports you best. Apply now and reserve your spot.

It's the destiny of the acorn to become an oakk tree. It's your destiny to become WHo you are meant to be.

Something very special happened when started to talk about my experiences with Daniella. By just listening and being present I was able to gain insights and deeper understanding of what was driving me that I would not have come to on my own. Her presence is very powerful and transformative.

Elisabeth M Architect

Daniella takes things seemingly imperceptible and helps break them down to an understandable level. Her open-mindedness and kind heart heart allow you to get in contact with your vulnerable side and work through your tougher challenges. So blessed my soul had the chance to connect with hers.

Audrey B Pediatrician

Each time I come out of a coaching sessions with Daniella I feeling amazing. I'm full of energy and her insights are very on point. I have more more clarity and calmness. I am making decisions from a very centered and grounded state. All sessions have felt positive, relaxing and gave me some very practical exercises to implement immediately. I feel like I have completely turned around my life.

Alex T Senior Financial Analyst

why is now the greatest time to start with coaching?

I feel lost, stuck and confused

A coach can help you see things clearly and start to take small steps that eventually lead to big and small breakthroughs. Progress is happiness. And I'll hold you accountable and focused on your goals. And help you move through your blockages, tendencies of procrastination and fears when they show up.

I can talk to a friend. Why do I need a coach?

Having good friends around you is essential and sitting down with them with a cup of tea and having a long chat can be very healing. However, talking to a friend is not the same as talking to a coach. Friends are part of your "system", your story. As such they might share some of your limiting beliefs or they reinforce your past experiences. As a coach I have a completely fresh and outside view of what is going on in your life. I ask different questions and guide you to new insights. I also teach you how to shift your focus and create a beautiful state instead of commiserating. I also hold a sacred space for you to succeed and make your life the wonderful masterpiece it is meant to be.

20+ years of experience

With over 20 years of experience in Personal Development, Transformational Leadership, Change Management and Coaching I bring a unique mix of experiences and skills to the table. Having started out in the Corporate World I felt the calling to forge my own path and wander off into the wilderness and return to share my gifts and support others on their journey.

You don't have to do this alone

it might fear or admitting how much you are struggling. It might be your conditioning and belief that you should be able to figure this out alone. Or might just be that until now you had the energy to keep going. And now you're just tired. The truth is: YOU DON"T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE. Every great athlete, every successful entrepreneur and happy person works with a coach to get outstanding results. To get the results you want you need someone who pushes you past your limits, holds you accountable and sometimes - lovingly - calls you out on your own BS. Create an outstanding life now.


Most of the pictures on this website are my own and they are AVAILABLE FOR SALE. For more information please get in touch!

Pictures of me are courtesy of Paige McFall Photography


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