How many times have people said that to you before?

Or how many times have you said it to yourself?

But you and I we both know it’s not that easy if this describes you.


  • Know you have something special to give but you just don’t know how

  • Feel tired of taking care of everybody else’s need and neglect your own

  • Hate to admit it but get more envious than the Wicked Witch of the West of what others are doing because deep down you know it ought to be you
  • Secretly think that what you have to give is not unique or good enough so maybe nobody will listen

  • Don’t want to be “loud” and think that’s what is needed to be heard

  • Say every night: screw this. Tomorrow, I’ll start to say what I really think

What's worse...

… you have so many brilliant ideas and you know you could really make a difference. And you’ve tried every positive affirmation under the sun. Still, sometimes you fear that life is passing you by and you’ll regret not showing up for yourself.

And one day you’ll be on your death bed thinking: why wasn’t I just a bit braver and cared a little less about what others think of me when I had the chance.

I get it. Because I was you.
Until one day I just had enough.

I didn’t even realize how unsafe it felt for me to really show myself and speak about my work, my deepest beliefs and “selling” myself and my services until I tried to. And then I was procrastinating endlessly – feeling so frustrated with myself for not getting on with the work I knew I loved and was really good at.

I also thought I was the only one who thought that there must be another way of doing things. A more gentle, intuitive and inclusive way.

And then I found Feminine Power and Transformational Coaching.

I had already worked as a coach for years and was trained in Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention but something was still missing.

So I re-took the Feminine Power 7-Week Course for the Awakening Woman and that was it. I finally understood what beliefs had been holding me back for so many years. And that as women we want to reach that next level of not only being successful but do something meaningful and really bringing our genius and gifts to the world where they are received by others.

But, I didn’t only want to share my new-found insights with everyone.

I knew – this was it!

And then things started to change so quickly I could hardly keep up!


I’m a Feminine Power Transformational Coach & Facilitator in training. I am guiding awakening women to step into their visibility and confidence, helping them to

  • Awaken their genius, brilliance and unique voice
  • Fulfilling their purpose and take action with confidence
  • Co-create within this new consciousness that is emerging for all of us today.

I’m personally trained and mentored by Dr. Claire Zummit PhD, Founder of Feminine Power, and her life changing work in helping people – especially women – break through their inner barriers holding them back to soar into the life they really want to lead.

I am working as a Transformational Coach and Facilitator with individuals, groups and organizations.

I’ve completely transformed what I believed about myself, about others and what was possible for me in this world. Knowing that by accepting and using my gifts I’m not only living a more purposeful and satisfying life but I am contributing to changing the world.


And that’s why I know – you can do this too!



Transformational coaching focuses on creating change on the level of IDENTITY: what you believe to be true about yourself, about others and about what is or isn’t possible for you in this life.

When you start to awaken your feminine power, break through your inner glass ceiling, activate your feminine navigation system and magnetize the support you need to amplify your power a few things will happen simultaneously:

  • You’ll reclaim your power to co-create a different future and shatter your old story of not being visible, not being good enough, that you don’t matter and you’re not safe to express your needs or whatever YOUR inner barrier is
  • You awaken to the deeper truth of who you are, of who others are and opening up a field of possibility that before was shut down.
  • You start to attract the support, the opportunities and the inner knowing you need to manifest what you most deeply desire in the are of intention, which will activate and magnetize all areas of your life.

Many of the women I’ve worked with manifested promotions, new projects, new relationships, new businesses, more connection with themselves, more energy, more love and support in their life as a result of the coaching.


  • One session of 90 min to set your intention and clarify your coaching outcome for the 12 weeks.
  • 10 weekly meetings of 60 min  to work on your hidden blocks, create breakthroughs and design new pathways to manifest your coaching outcome. I
  • A of 90 min Completion Session to celebrate, anchor your successes and powering you up so have all that you need to keep moving forward.


  • An introduction to the principles of Feminine Power
  • Exercises to tap into your deepest desires and yearnings that help you to focus on the area of your life that is most in season and holds the most power.
  • Power Practices to activate the Feminine Power Centers to break through the most common hidden power blocks of self-actualization: shame, lack and isolation.

That’s easy. Just book a Discovery Coaching Call with me.

This 45 min FREE session gives you the opportunity to gain clarity about where you are and what you need to be able to move towards becoming more confident and visible. We’ll explore how you are visible to yourself and in touch with your own needs, feelings and desires as well as your ideas and visions. How confident you are in being visible in your relationships and how confident and safe you feel to be truly seen and known by others. And how confident you are to presence your ideas and visions in the world, giving voice to your message, your unique creativity, and the possibilities you see for others.

Apart from gaining clarity and value from this session you can also explore if and how working with me is going to be a good fit for you at this time – without committing to anything.


The price for the 12 week coaching intensive is 1494 Euros. Payment plans are available.


The coaching fee is usually paid upfront.

For the 12 week Coaching Intensive, including the Visionary Leader’s Track, I offer  a payment plan. You have the option to pay in 2 or 3 installments for a small additional fee. The coaching has to be paid in full before the end of the 12 weeks.

Payment Plant 2 installments: 2 x 785 Euros. Payment Plan in 3 installments: 3 x 522 Euros.

You can use your credit card to pay or make a wire transfer.

Ideally, we schedule your coaching session at the same time on the same day. However, we have the flexibility to find other times that suit both of us.

If you cannot make a session please let me know at least 24h before the session.

If you have to cancel a scheduled session please give me as much notice as possible so that someone else can take that time slot.

If you give less than 24hours notice, there will be a cancellation fee of 80 Euros. If you fail to show up for your appointment, then the full amount for the session is charged.

I understand that emergencies do happen and will waive the cancellation fee if it is due to an emergency or if you feel emotionally, physically or mentally unable to attend the session.

If you miss a week’s session the Intensive will be extended accordingly.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve decided to work with me you have gained enough clarity about the transformational process you’re signing up for. However, it can happen that when diving into it you don’t resonate with it anymore. You have the option to cancel your coaching intensive with one week’s notice so we can complete the journey and close the container properly.

The remaining session will be reimbursed to you pro rata.

I know life sometimes just happens. If for any reason you need to end the coaching intensive ahead of time you can always do so with one week’s notice. There will always be a completion session to wrap things up properly and close the container.

The remaining session will be reimbursed to you pro rata.

If you feel stuck or challenged between sessions, please do not struggle alone!

I am available by phone, Whatsapp and email to support you within business hours. There is no charge for short calls. There is an extra fee for calls 15 minutes and over, equaling 25% of your session fee for every 15 minutes spent speaking.

I will respond to all emails and voicemail messages within two business days unless I notify you that I will be unavailable for a longer period of time.

Your last session will be the celebration and completion of your Coaching Intensive.

If you wish you have the option to sign up for another Coaching Intensive or 12 weeks.

I also offer regular Women’s Circles that you could join to continue to receive support as you practice and master the key principles of transformational change.

The old saying applies “the more you put in – the more you get out” also applies to your coaching experience.

Apart from the hourly coaching session we might define some inspired action together for you to tackle. I might also encourage you to do some journaling about the insights you’re having.

You will also receive a questionnaire before each session. And I would ask you to take some time before each session to review your progress, your written actions, and what you’d like to get out of your coaching session. The questionnaire should be return to me at least 24h before the next coaching session.

The rule of thumb is that you’ll need to invest about 2 hours per week to receive the best benefits from the coaching.

As a matter of fact I do! If you bring a friend to a coaching session or an intensive you’ll both receive 10% on your current or future purchase.

I am happy to discuss any details in person.

Every day is a good day to start to change your life!

This is generally also true for coaching. However, transformational coaching goes deeper than traditional coaching and can sometimes seem intense. I only work with people who are mentally and emotionally healthy and stable. To find out if a Coaching Intensive is the right fit for you at this time why not just book a Discovery Coaching Session?

If I feel like a Coaching Intensive is not the right you I’m happy to refer you to another mental health professional.


Your desires are the pathway to unlocking your destiny.


Most of the pictures on this website are my own and they are AVAILABLE FOR SALE. For more information please get in touch!

Pictures of me are courtesy of Paige McFall Photography


Thanks for reading this far. I’d love you to join my tribe. I’ll keep you updated on events and special offers, share my conscious living lifestyle tips, insights and solutions, as well as special  goodies that only my subscribers get. Don’t worry, I am not going to spam you and I definitely won’t share your details with anyone.

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