Hi - I'm Daniella!

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The call for authenticity, presence and growth to become all that I can be keeps me awake.

I am a world citizen and a fellow searcher on the path to greater awareness and consciousness. From a young age traveling and being exposed to different cultures was normal and part of my upbringing.

Growing up I responded strongly to people, places and situations that were nurturing or draining – often to the incomprehension of my surrounding. Today I understand that I was just sensing the energies around me. For a large part of my adult life I considered this sensitivity a curse. Even though I soaked up esoteric teachings as a teenager and started to meditate regularly I went out into the world to study law and work in international financial service firms for 14 years – in the area of Leadership and Talent Development, Coaching and Project Management. But part of me was left starving for more aliveness and connection to my own being. Creative explorations were left as a hobby and found less and less time in my life.

A first shift occurred when I started with Pranic Healing in 2005. Finally I was given a language to describe my experiences and express them. What seemed mysterious, scary and even a little bit crazy before suddenly became a tool for growth and healing. I started to understand that my sensitivity was a blessing, a gift that I could use to help myself and others to grow on different levels.

Through meditation and deep internal processing I reconnected with my own being and started to study art therapy as a tool to bring together my passion for psychology and creativity. Based on the teachings of C.G. Jung which I studied for many years I started to see how art therapy can bring to light the inner workings and unconscious limitations we all carry within and transform them into sources of strength and authenticity.

Today, I am a certified art therapist and licensed Pranic Healing instructor in Spain and organizer of wellbeing and spiritual growth retreats in Mallorca. My passion is to share the experiences and tools I have gathered over the course of my personal, professional and spiritual journey. Exploring in each moment and with each person what is needed for greater awareness brings me great joy. I love to bring people together who are curious and open to experiencing new ways of thinking and feeling. To all who long to develop and nurture their creative, sacred and spiritual side I am honored to walk beside you.

I am offering regular meditation gatherings, personal healing sessions and special retreats and workshops around energy wellbeing, awareness and creativity.


Most of the pictures on this website are my own and they are AVAILABLE FOR SALE. For more information please get in touch!

Pictures of me are courtesy of Paige McFall Photography


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