Before you head into the roaring 20's do this decade in review with me.

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Do you sometimes wonder where the year has gone? Time is precious. So the question is: Are you making the most out if it?

I usually ask this question at the end of every year doing a review of the year. It’s so important to take some time to look back, celebrate your wins, acknowledge your progress and extract the lessons learned to set meaningful goals for the upcoming year.

But this isn’t an ordinary year.

As 2019 ends we are entering into a new decade. A lot has happened for me over the past 10 years – incredible things, hard things, things I could not even have dreamed about at  the start of this decade. I know I am not the only one.

So I thought it’s the right moment to do something special: A Decade In Review.

It’s a 3-part video series that uses the untapped wisdom of your last decade to make the next ten years your best ever. This will be your own personal WISDOM MAP.

Each video is short and easy to execute. You can complete them all in one sitting, or take your time doing one per week. Here are some quick links to get to each section:

You’ve got a decade full of possibilities ahead of you, and this Decade In Review will help you make the most of it.

So let’s dive in!


Now that you’ve watched the video, let’s get started.

Grab a journal, a paper roll or just a piece of paper, bring out your favorite pens and follow the questions below.


  1. Over the past 10 years, what have you done that you’re proud of?
  2. What are the obstacles you’ve overcome?
  3. What results have you created in your life and your career since 2010?
  4. What have you done that – if I would have told you about it 10 years – you’d have thought I’m completely mad?

Pull out old calendars and journals or go through your photos or social media posts to jog your memory. This may take some time, but it’s worth it. 

Subsection: What is most important

Now that you’re done, go over your list again and answer the following questions:

  1. Out of everything you’ve accomplished, what was most important? Circle whatever jumps out to you.
  2. Why is that so important?

When you know the things that have made the biggest difference in the quality of your life, you’ll be able to make wiser decisions as you plan the next ten years.


  1. What have you learned over these past ten years?
  2. What wisdom and clarity have you gained that you didn’t have before?
  3. What didn’t go so well and what did you learn from it?

Think through the big categories of your life: your family, relationships, career, finances, health, the connection to your higher power and write everything down — big and small. 

Subsection: What was most important and why

Now again look through the list you just created. Ask yourself:

  1. What lessons were the biggest game-changers?
  2. And why do they matter?
  3. What do you really want to remember as you move into this brand new decade?

This section is crucial. Review it regularly so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Congratulations! You are done with Part 1!


You’ve celebrated your successes. You’ve recalled all your amazing learnings. Now it’s time to look at the things you are willing to let go of. This can be a tender process. But it’s worth going through it so can you can plan the next 10 years with a clear, purposeful mind.

Unstuck your energy and bring your focus and attention to the present.

Trust me, you’ll feel so much lighter and freer when you’re done. Be gentle and kind with yourself when you do this. Get out your journal and follow the prompts below.


Create a new list with the things you’re willing to leave behind in this old decade. Think about:

Old Projects & Goals

  1. Are there any projects that you need to complete before the end of the year? Clean up, clean out, send that card or message and complete as many project as you can.
  2. Do you have any projects or goals that are on your “should do” list that you keep putting off?
  3. Are there any expectations from family, loved ones, or even yourself that aren’t true to your heart at this moment in time?

Old goals and projects are silent energy suckers. You keep them in your mind where they take up valuable space mentally and emotionally. Yet, deep down you know that they don’t resonate with  you anymore. Take this opportunity to clean out your mental list so you can start off the new decade with a clean and fresh hear and mind. And with energy to focus on what’s really important now.

Resentments, Anger, and Upsets

  1. Are there any resentments or upsets that you’ve been hanging onto?
  2. Do you have old emotional baggage that you’re ready to release?
  3. Is there anybody you need to forgive — including yourself?

Be honest and write it down, even if you don’t know how to forgive or let go in this moment. As long as you’re willing, you’ll figure out a way. Naming and acknowledging is the first step toward healing.

Limiting Beliefs or Long Overdue Patterns

  1. What limiting beliefs have you been carrying for the past ten years?
  2. What are the old stories are you telling yourself that no longer serve you?
  3. What patterns have you struggled with a decade ago that you hoped you would have resolved and released by now?

For example, maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you’re too old or too young to follow your passion. Maybe you thought you need to make yourself small to fit in or make others feel more comfortable. Maybe you’re done believing that everyone else deserves success, happiness and prosperity but for whatever reason you don’t. Maybe you’re ready to let go of all the excuses and fears that are holding you back from your biggest dreams. Or maybe it’s time to put that old crappy story — that you’re not good enough or capable enough — to rest once and for all.

Remember, you are so much more powerful and capable than you give yourself credit for.
This is your opportunity to let go of all the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Do this work now, so they don’t control your next 10 years.

What’s Most Important To Let Go Of and Why?

Now go back over each subsection and answer these four questions:

  1. Which of these are the most important to address and fully release in the next
  2. Why is it vital you let these things go now?
  3. What have these goals, resentments, or limiting beliefs cost you over the last decade?
  4. What support do you need to finally free yourself from these old pattern?

Do this from a place of non-judgement, curiosity and self-compassion.

Once you’re done, you will have laid the groundwork for Part 3: creating your 10-year plan!

PART 3: Create your 1-year and 10-year Plan

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time for the fun part: figuring out what’s next. Get ready to fire up that imagination and tap into your heart, desires and dreams, because Part 3 is where you’ll create your 10-year plan.

You know what to do — open your journal and follow the prompts below.


What do you want to create, experience, or achieve over the next 10 years? What do you want to feel or accomplish in terms of your…

  1. Health and wellbeing?
  2. Finances?
  3. Relationships?
  4. Career or business?
  5. Spirituality and Community?

Think about how you want to feel on a more consistent basis. What do you yearn for and dream about – when you allow yourself to? Do you want to experience more freedom and flexibility — if so, to do what exactly? 

The goal here is to be as specific and concrete as possible. Envision the best possible decade of your life and let yourself really dream. Don’t underestimate what you can achieve.

Subsection: My Top 3 Most Important Goals For Next Year

Once you’re done, go back over your list and answer these questions:

  1. What are the three most important goals you want to focus on over the next 12 months? Circle them now.
  2. Why are each of these goals important to you?
  3. Who do you need to become in order to bring each of these goals to life?
  4. What character traits, habits or skills do you need to develop to accomplish these goals?

Doing this exercise every year will help you break down all your goals, dreams, and expectations from your 10-year plan, one year at a time. And remember — if you’re feeling any kind of overwhelm over a particular goal, I have 3 hour Intensive dedicated to just that – jump-start your life.


Now that you’ve got the tactical goals and dreams written down, you’re going to do one final, highly imaginative exercise to tap into your heart’s wisdom. Imagine yourself ten years in the future, and start writing a letter to current-day you. It can start something like this:

Dear ______, I’d love you to know that…

Let your hand move and write whatever comes to mind. Don’t judge, edit, or pay any attention to grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Trust me, you’ve got so much natural knowing and wisdom inside of you. 

If you get stuck, here are some prompts you can experiment with:

  • I’d love you to start… 
  • I’d love you to remember… 
  • I’d love you to focus on… 

I know this might sound a little weird, but it’s powerful stuff. It helps you access deep truths that you know intuitively and that you’ll be really glad you articulated right now — before the next ten years pass.

Great job! If you’ve completed all three parts of this series, you now have an invaluable treasure map of personal wisdom that’s going to help you make the next ten years more productive, joyful, and meaningful.

Let me know if there’s anything you want to share, or ask, just hit reply or write to

I’m here for you.

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