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Hi - I'm Daniella!

I am a coach, writer and an eternal optimist dedicated to helping you shine your light and be the person you most want to be.

That often means changing who you think you are today. Healing your emotional wounds. Letting go of old beliefs. Detoxifying your body. Honoring the life you’ve lived. Unlocking your creativity. Expressing your deepest vulnerable self. And most of all freeing yourself from that inner critic who whispers: “But what will others think…?”

Transitioning into this new state of Being and connecting to your Higher Self always rewards you with more aliveness, authenticity, presence and most importantly – joy!

That’s what it’s all about.

"This is a place to get inspired and empowered to heal, change, dance, play, laugh, cry, grow. A place to get to know yourself. Free yourself. Be yourself."

Change happens in an instant. The road that leads to it might be long. But once you have this AHA moment of awareness your life will start to change.If you are willing and ready to get help putting your life, your priorities your health and your goals on track, let’s have a chat.

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